Wednesday, April 15, 2009

++otak2 for sale++

i'm quite busy rite now..
well exam is around the corner...
this friday for more specific..

i haven't finish my revision yet..
there's about 3 4 chapters waiting for me to flip on..
( in the middle of i'm typing this entry..i just get this fucking shit news!!!!:soldier_57:)

i'm excited to finished my exam actually..
i don't know why..
may be after this i can get to focus on my problem more precisely..
all this while..
i have put it aside, to feel my happiness, my freedom..
(but at this moment of typing, i've been shivering for that fucking news:n3s_71:)
i got strength to handle all this..
there are reasons why Allah give me these tests.
i just need to be wise n strong enough to get through all this..
Ya Allah.. i accept your test..and i'll will solve it slowly with your guide..

to kak ema..i miss you so much..
so much to catch up on you n your baby..
i'll find sometime to talk to you ok..
take care of yourselves and your baby..
(i didn't call you all this while because i don't want to burden you sis) have exam to face on..
keep focusing on your studies..
forget all about that fucking nonsense news you just heard..
don't think of will never bother you when you ignore it.. never know it..
but i get my spirit from you..
thanks so you..
i promised you bread pudding this weekend right..
i'll make it myself just for you ok..

for that person..he/she will know who there are when read this..
i beg you..please don't hurt me with your 'things' out there again..
i have to focus on my study right now..
just give problem-free weeks o month for me please..
i can't accept any of your hurting-me plan any more..
in easy words, let me free from tense please..

to all my friends,mok2,mon2,mot2,
who will presenting for theirs PSM(projek sarjana muda)
i will always pray for your success..
and good luck you guys..

p/s:sorry because i'd used some rude words.because i need to let some people know that i hate so much what they have done to me. so sorry.


Akmar Anuar said...

ehem2...nak exam dah tu, jgn tgk charmed slalu2 dah =p pon ngah cari kekuatan dalam kelemahan ke??
marilah kita cari bersama2...
jom sama2 cuba jadi kuat jom!!

in, be hepi!!!
jgn cedey2...rase pelik glerr kalo tgk in sdey sbb cik camp kenal in as a happy go luck person gituh!

sume orang mesti hepi!!!

+dat!n iLLiani ariFFin+ said...

" never know it..
but i get my spirit from you..
thanks so you..
i promised you bread pudding this weekend right..
i'll make it myself just for you ok.." kn...segan2 silu...
huhu..ape aku wt pon...

Akmar Anuar said...

yanie segan silu dan malu2 macam siput ba**...
muahahaha =p

+dat!n iLLiani ariFFin+ said...

kuang ajo nye kama~!!!!!

mrsDu1(^-^) said...

wat happening in here??
xyah la segan2 k..
cubit bontot 2 kang..

yeay!! cik kema..kte kne kuat!!
ble nk dtg lg ni??

Akmar Anuar said...

in,nanti cek ar fb yanie tu..
baru tau cte...muahahaha =p

yanie, aku mmg kurang ajar sbb tu kene blaja lagi nih...

+dat!n iLLiani ariFFin+ said...

munci kama!!

Mish Hawtchocolate said...

oh im shivering~

Akmar Anuar said...

benci yanie gaks!!..muahaha...bohong jer ah! =p

mrsDu1(^-^) said...

asso: owh dat's a part of my singing style...

cik camp, yanie..jgn nk gurau tanpa in..
jeles ni!!!!

Akmar Anuar said...

ok2...kita mulakan balik...

kama: yanie segan silu dan malu2 macam siput ba**...muahahaha =p

yanie: kuang ajo nye kama~!!!!!

in: (sile isi tempat kosong)