Sunday, May 10, 2009

happy mother's day...:head_21:
i have something to say to my mom..

if i could catch a rainbow,
i would do it just for you
and share it's beauty
on the days you feeling blue...

if i could build a mountain,
you could call your very own,
a place to find serenity,
a place to be alone....

if i could take your troubles,
i would toil them into the sea,
but all these things i'm finding,
are impossible for me.

i cannot build a mountain
or catch a rainbow
but let me be what i know best
a love that's always there.......

you are my friend when i need to talk..
you are my chef when i'm hungry,
you are my mother when i need your love,
you always be there when i need you,
sharing every moment..sad..happy..together...
you are the strongest person i ever known in this world..
i admire your patience....

i can't imagine my life without you...
you are my everything...
i love you from the bottom of my heart...
and this love will always have for you...

adik sayang mak!!!! muahhhhhh....
(mak comel macam adik..hehe):head_05:


Mish Hawtchocolate said...

terharu akuh..


Missc0mot said...
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Akmar Anuar said...

komen asso sangat meragukan...hurm...

wawawawa...i love my mak tooo!!!! (ceh padahal every week jumpe die..ekekeke)

mrsDu1(^-^) said...

pehal lak.. ko mother ke???
mane anak ko??
mane laki ko??

tu untuk mak ak la...