Tuesday, January 13, 2009

++because i'm a girl++

it's imposibble to understand
what's going on through a guy's heart..
you told me that you wanted me and now that i've
given you everything, tell me you're leaving..
you told me that it was the first time you felt this way,
and said that i was special...
i believed you..and it was happiness..

you should have told me that your feeling had faded..
i had no idea, and i continued to depend on you..
although i say i hate you now, i'll be missing you..
because i'm a girl, who love is everything..

they say that when you give a guy all he wants he quickly gets bored...
and now i know that's the truth..
and although i tell myself, i'll never be tricked by love again...
i fall in love, and my heart is broken again..

please don't break the heart of girls, who'll do anything for love...
i didn't know that living this life while being loved would be so hard..

today we broke up..
you told me to meet some1 better than you, and be happy..
you're just like another guys...
what happened to when you told me that you loved me?
honestly, i don't want you to be happy
what am i going to do if you really forget about me??
i'm in so much pain, more pain than i can bare
because i'm still in love with you..

vid lgu ni td as bg link soh tgk ptg td..tgh2 ak sedeyh berduka lara die soh tgk..
mengalir la jugak air mata...
ms jln2 ngn paya td..ak t'ingt sygKu penah cite psl vid ni kat ak dlu..
lme dlu..b'tahun2 lepas..
ble kak ema kate die penah dpt lgu ni..makne nye btul la...
lirik die kat ats ni..mmg best..kan as?? kan2??
vid die lak mmg menyayat hati...


Mish Hawtchocolate said...

aku tgk pn nanges douh~
sbb nag jiwang tym tuh~

tah brape kali aku tgk~

lirik die mgharukn bntotku~
cm nk kntut2 jek~

tp vid nih ta seswai ngn lirik dier la..
sb lam laki tuh yg bkorban untk gal tuh...huhu

mrsDu1(^-^) said...

2 pelik sikit..
tp mmg xley bla la..
nanges siot..