Friday, December 19, 2008

~~tag by fazzy~~

1. do you think you’re hot?

am i hot?? u give me da answer..hahahah

2. upload your favorite picture of you

3. why do you like that picture?
coz dis gurl was so strong at dat tyme~~

4. when was the last time you ate pizza?

ble ek..tyme mkn ngn paya n as kat digital mall...

5. the last song you listen to? boneca..sbb ad org kol kat hp..

6. what are you doing right now besides this?

edit my blog n fs..sambil lyn si paya..

7. what name you would prefer besides yours?

xpenah terpikir..i love my name..thanks mak ayah...

people to tag:






8. who is number one?

kwn yg sgt sengal~~ yut2(nme manje die...)

9. number three is having a relationship with?

milo kot..lame xdgr cte die...

10. say something about number five?


11. how about number four?

mak ngah comot~~

12. who is number two?
always make me laugh~~


+dat!n iLLiani ariFFin+ said...

hehe...ayo..nt daku jwb tag ni ye...

Missc0mot said... tag ku yg ke 5 x berjawab..ahahahha...nek cuti bru ku jawab ya...yuhuuuuu..........!