Wednesday, September 24, 2008

to my bro~~ Amran Mohammad Sani~~

dis post i dedicate to my second bro...:Rabbit02:
my beloved bro AMRAN MOHAMMAD SANI...

Happy Birthday Myspace Comments

:Rabbit41:HAPPY BIRTHDAY yg ke 32
i wish u all the best on ur life...
u r such a great brother for me....
the best brother....

cepat2 kawin taw..
xsabar tgk abg kawin...
xsabar nk ad niece or nephew dlm 18 pun dh cukup...:Rabbit31:
besar sikit family kite yg kecik ni...

ap2 pun..i luv u so much..:Onion45:
thanks 4 taking care of me n our family..
:Rabbit54:(raye t bg duit raye byk sikit k..dh post dlm blog ni)

Happy Birthday Myspace Comments

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